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in the printing Coder

In the simplest case the layout - it's just a bunch of text on the computer. Of course, it may seem that it is able to deal with everyone, but there is an area of ​​human activity where it is needed-layout specialists. This area - printing, or the release of the printed products. The book editions, there are approximately several tens ofconventional rules of arrangement and design of the text. For example, on a single page should not be more than three kinds of different fonts, first line indent must be no longer than the end of the last one a piece of text can be allocated no more than one way, and so on. D. In the editions of the newspaper format, these rules naturally, are not met. In addition, in each edition, there are other, bound by the same rules. In essence, the coder - one of the initial positions, which many people begin their work in the field of printing. At an earlier stage is a compositor on the PC, however, these positions are often combined. A large num
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Work is not to the detriment of their studies

In general, whatever the motives (or complex), if the student is working - it was good. Everyone knows the anecdote of completed university young specialists, "Now throw out of my head all the nonsense, which you have been taught, and listen, how to work." In fact, young people without work experience is much less interesting for an enterprise, ie. To. It will have for quite some time "teaching work" (to learn not only to perform certain operations, but to teach the time to execute the instructions, teach teamwork on a project to teach in fitness for use the form to submit results of its work, to teach responsibility for their work). From this point of view is much more profitable to take on the work of a specialist with experience (even though it is 1-2 years, and "in the specialty" not at all). However, you should not forget that the main task of the student - to learn. If work interferes with that goal, everything in general makes no sense. That

Sales Specialist

Most of us remember the days when the word salesman arose only association - the aunt behind the counter greets all catchphrase "Che do you want?", And a friend who came for a scarce commodity, glittering with gold smile. A lot still remains the opinion that the seller is a "person performing unskilled work", "speculator" and almost a "cheater" (cashing in on the honest people). And now tell me - how to sell the product to the client, which was originally inclined to consider you inferior race being? Perhaps you, too, have heard something like, "... I am not so learned at the university, to run around town in search of a client ..." or "...'ll work as long as the seller (manager, agent, ...), and then I'll look for something better ... "- work in sales is still considered unskilled labor! And those willing to use real sales masters, without feeling the competition, they receive a substantial commission f

Forwarder - the nuances of the profession

Despite the fact that the ads vacancies in the office of the freight forwarder is not full of special needs education, to cope with this job not everyone can. Instead of high school diploma is needed is quite specific skills and abilities. For example, learn new routes, quickly determine the shortest path following, control loading and unloading, and even - to weigh or count the item. And if the "internal" Forwarders (carrying out the movement of goods in the city, region or country), this may be enough, the specialists in international plying beyond state borders, can not do without a serious preparation. At the site of the navigator If we speak of "internal" forwarders, according to the Handbook of qualifying characteristics occupations such workers have sufficiently basic or incomplete higher education relevant field ( "transport" or "logistics"). Know the basics of office work, ways and methods of processing the correspondence addres

These different accountants ...

Accountant Takes into account the income and expenses, prepares accounting documentation. Prepares and submits reports to the tax office and other inspection organizations. Is reporting the cost of production (works, services), shall charge and transfer payments to the state budget, contributions to non-budgetary funds, employee salaries, taxes and so on. D. The work is strictly regulated guidelines, decrees and resolutions. Requirements for the individual needs of the specialist We need a high level of attention; tabulating skills; RAM; propensity to work with numbers; emotional stability; the desire to improve the professional level; systematic tendency to work with the literature; perseverance; integrity; accuracy; concentration; perseverance; patience; exacting; pedantry; responsibility; organization. Accounting work is contraindicated for people who have: nervous system diseases; deviations in the psyche (mnitelnostvysoky excessive anxiety, irritability); dyston